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The following nominations for Local 341 Board of Directors were made at the June 4 HPFFA General Membership meeting. The…

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FirefightersHOU RT @pensionhfd: @Hansen4Houston @joegmac @FirefightersHOU @HPOUTX @HOPELocal123 public employees have kept their end of the deal made,COH …
FirefightersHOU RT @pensionhfd: @joecullar @jasoncisneroz @joegmac @FirefightersHOU @HOPELocal123 @HPOUTX - Local Control does not work , HPOPS / MUNI is u…
FirefightersHOU RT @pensionhfd: @joecullar @jasoncisneroz @joegmac @FirefightersHOU @HOPELocal123 @HPOUTX - City does not keep it's agreement , employees d…